Moisture Meter Evaluation Program

Do you know how your moisture meter is performing? Do you know how it compares to the new USDA/GIPSA standards?

Currently USDA/GIPSA is adopting new technology (UGMA) as the "official" moisture measurement method. Older moisture meters will not always match this new technology. This and other factors can affect the accuracy of your meter. At current commodity prices, a 1% moisture meter error can affect your business by 5-15 cents/bushel. Test weight error also affects your bottom line because of inventory inaccuracy, customer discounts not taken, and mis-graded grain. Would you like to find out how your meter compares? Pro AgStar Services can provide an unbiased, third party evaluation of your meter's performance at any given time, or on a regular basis. Here are a few reasons to subscribe to our Moisture Meter Evaluation Program:

At today's grain prices, the cost of this evaluation is minor compared to the possible penalties you incur with an inaccurate moisture meter. Here’s how our new service works:

  1. 1. Pro AgStar Services will ship a sample set to your location to run on your meter. You fill out the blank form and fax to Pro AgStar Services.
  2. 2. Pro AgStar Services will compare your Moisture and TW results with our USDA/GIPSA and UGMA standard results to generate an Evaluation Report.
  3. 3. This Evaluation Report will be mailed to you along with a dated sticker to attach to your instrument. For more info or to subscribe to this service, call us at 877-856-0060 today!