Get the right printer for your grain moisture meter

What makes this printer better than the old Star impact printers? For starters, the cover is now hinged. We also noted the dip switch configuration as being very simple. The print mechanism itself uses 2 motors. One motor advances the paper, the other moves the print head. Most printers only have a single motor, causing printing delays. The SP700 features an auto-switching, internal power supply & a recessed area for connections, to help keep things neat and organized.

We carry supplies for the Star SP700, SP500, and SP200 printers, including single ply paper and ribbons to fit either style of printer. We also have the adaptors and cables to hook up your old printer to new moisture meters

Download instructions for setting up your Perten AM 5200-A to a STAR ® SP 512 printer.

Star SP700 Printers

  • We include all required cables
  • We stock the supplies to keep you running
  • Cables and Adaptors available

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